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How to Keep Guests Comfy During a Summer Wedding Day

April 2nd, 2013

SummerEveryone wants their wedding day to be perfect. However, organizing your own wedding day may not always be breezy and easy. There may be lapses and disruptions that may cause the delay of the bookings or miss a few things in the buffet. However, knowing the basic do’s and don’ts on a wedding day is good enough to give you heads up on which aspect to concentrate more and which aspect to omit.
If the wedding is during the summer season, be very sure that you have extra air conditioning in the area. There should be good heat relief in the area, which can be an extra conditioner or generator in case brownouts will hit during the day. You can also prepare tents and tarps in order to provide shade in the place or do it inside a hotel or a convention area to make sure that everyone’s comfortable and cool enough to finish the ceremony. If you really want to hold the event in a garden during the mid day, provide cold beverages or cold water in the nearby spot, so your guests can help themselves.
Meanwhile, avoid scheduling the event during mid day. You can either have it during the late afternoon or in the morning. This is a very essential consideration to make particularly if you want the ceremony to be held in an outdoor site like a garden, beach, or yard.
Choose the right style of your wedding gown and select one that fits well with the motif and the season as well. Go for satin or silk, halter necklines, sweetheart tops, and the likes can make you feel comfortable all throughout the ceremony. On the one hand, lace may look alright, but some feel uncomfortable and itchy wearing it while others find it warm, so it does not compliment well with the climate.
Surely, a beach wedding is one of the most breathtaking venues for tying the knot during the summer. However, it could be a disaster instead of happiness as the sun’s striking heat and bug bites can ruin the mood. Hence, bring sun block and bug bites in the location and give these to the guests for their protection. You can also give them wide-brimmed hats or indicate other necessities in your wedding invitation.
Always be reminded that your wedding day is a big day and you can never afford the summer’s heat to ruin it. Nevertheless, you should not only think of yourself and your partner during the event as you also need to keep your guests happy and satisfied during the entire celebration.

How to have a Breezy Garden Wedding preparation

February 19th, 2013

Breezy Wedding

Have you chosen to say your “I dos” in a breezy garden? Indeed, gardens can be ideal in celebrating weddings, but the preparations needed to have a successful garden wedding are quite laborious. Such scenario can be pretty true, particularly if you don’t have a wedding planner to aid in the process. Nevertheless, getting into the preparation first hand is such an accomplishment.

A garden wedding needs thorough consideration because you will have to take note of the food, venue, and makeup, and most importantly, the budget for the event. Therefore, don’t waste time because it is one element you cannot cheat upon, so better plan few months or at least a year before the wedding day. Don’t ever think have a few months of preparation will make a bridezilla because you can never afford to create a single mistake on the wedding ceremony just because you forgot to book the makeup artist ahead of time. Speaking of booking, create a schedule of activities to be done and diligently monitor it so everything will fall into place. Having a listing of the needed objectives to achieve can help you attain goals one by one without hassles.

Picture out your perfect garden wedding so that you can have a theme, from there you can pick the resources you need. Then start booking for the event. Given that gardens are best during summer, booking for a venue ahead of time is an advantage especially that it is a peak season. Consider also the number of guests you want to invite before deciding for a place. Don’t forget to inform your guests that it is a garden wedding so that they have appropriate attire. Plants and flowers will be all over the place, flowers that are properly arranged will give freshness to the area. An expert on flowers will be of great help, so it can flawlessly be within the theme. Pick your favourite flower for your bouquet it certainly look good on you. Choose for your desired menu from a cook whom you have invited before or recommended by your best friend.  Great food satisfies the guests. Be always ready for a change in weather condition, hoping it’s going to be a sunny day. Prepare for a rented tent, just in case it will rain.

All the preparation is going to be easy having your partner around to help you. It will not only fast track your plans for the big day; it will also strengthen your bond with each other. Furthermore, if there instances in which both of you come in an argument over a certain issue, learn to compromise. Giving way is the best solution in order to avoid further misunderstandings. Finally, remember that this is just the first to marriage, which can be more chaotic when not handled well.


How to Deliver a Wedding Speech

January 6th, 2013

View of the best man making a speech at a wedding receptionWedding speech is an important part of the entire wedding ceremony which conducted by different people who are quite important to the groom and bride. One of the responsibilities of mutually the best man and the maid of honor is to deliver a prepared or impromptu speech on behalf of the newlyweds. Other participants of the wedding party or close friends and kin can likewise want to deliver nuptial words throughout the ceremony of the reception for the pair. Couples can select to have some sort of an open forum wherein everyone is capable of giving a speech for the duration of their reception or adhere with the list of guests whom they would want to give their encouraging words which may comprise the dad of the bride.

Speech Decorum

This kind of observance consists three parts: the starter, the central talk, and the toast. When the speaker appeals the awareness of the guests, they must first deliver a small number of sentences about their identity and their relationship with the newlyweds which makes them significant to the bride and groom. From here, it is expected for talkers to direct into bridal speeches with an account concerning the couple, a witticism, a sonnet or even a line that hark them back to the connection between both of the persons who have gotten wedded that day. Bridal speeches must be below 10 minutes. The speech must maintain the guests interested. For the chief portion of the speech, it is vital that the narrator chat about his or her personal well-wishes for the pair. Finally, marriage speeches must arrive to a conclusion with a toast for the groom and the bride.

The Perfect Wedding Dresses for you and your Bridesmaids

November 10th, 2012

Definitely, preparing for your wedding ceremony can be stressful. It is time consuming, complicated and daunting. These are the reasons why a lot of couples would want to hire a party planner for the big day since hiring one can deliberately cut out the time and effort that you would have spend for the activity. Apart from that, you can also focus on your wedding dress and your bridesmaid’s dresses as well now that someone is going to take care of the ceremony. So you have every reason to look beautiful and breathtaking on your wedding day in these simple tips.

When selecting the wedding dress, the first thing to consider is your body shape. If you are pear-shaped, opt for A-line dresses that draw attention to the face and upper body while moving away from the lower body part. Wedding gowns made of satin is commendable for this body type. When you are busty, consider the neckline of the dress by picking a sweetheart or a scooped neckline. The cut lets your appeal show without making it improper for the wedding event. Meanwhile, it is not a problem if you are a plus size because there are a lot of wedding dresses that look best in curvy and plus size bodies. A wrap-around cut of wedding dress or an empire cut can definitely make the difference. But avoid wearing a tight or a loose gown as either of this will not do any favor to your body shape. For an apple-shaped body, play up with your upper body and hide lower body flaws by choosing an A-cut dress with fitted bodice. For a taller and slender look, a V-necked gown can do the trick. Play your height advantage by donning a dress that accentuates your frame like a floor length gown and deep V-neckline. Finally, choose a wedding dress that shows your shoulders and a cut that is above your waistline with length that endlessly goes down to the floor for a boost of height.

On the other hand, choosing the bridesmaid dresses may not be that difficult, especially if you already have finalized the motif and the design of the gown. The color of the bridesmaids’ dresses should blend with the motif of the wedding or at least look neutral to the occasion, so they will look uniformed and appealing. Bridesmaid dresses should neither be too long nor too short. A dress with sweetheart neckline and length that stops in the calves is a good choice. Bridesire offers a wide range of dresses at affordable prices that you will surely find appealing for your girls.

A royal wedding Sunshine proves co-operative in stage-managed spectacular

September 20th, 2012

When the only hitch to the wedding of the Duke and Duchess of York is the bride’s momentary hesitation with one of her bridegroom’s four Christian names during the exchange of vows, then it can fairly be described as a superbly stage- managed spectacular.

The British are a highly theatrical race, far more so than the Italians, French or Spanish. The degree of co-operation at Westminster Abbey yesterday bore all the hallmarks of a brilliantly directed production, with strongly characterized players in the leading roles and a script that has proved a long-running success.

Even the lighting proved itself supportive, with the early morning dampness and greyness giving way to a pale but friendly sunshine as the first act – Arrival At the Abbey – reached its climax. And when the spectacle was over, and the sunshine fled almost on cue, it was a clear invitation to get under appropriate cover and toast the Royal couple’s health.

The massed well-wishers who lined the procession route and jammed in front of Buckingham Palace at the end, waiting for the wave from the balcony, were plainly also members of the cast, even if their names weren’t on the program. As television journalists from all over the world discovered when they went out to get crowd impressions, even the humblest True Brit is a splendid actor.

Street after street was filled with these characters from some unknown central casting department. Many wore patriotic costumes, some had been camped out for days: punks and pensioners, schoolgirls and businessmen, secretaries and soccer fans – they all knew their lines perfectly.

With a pageant so generously provided with leading characters, dignified supers and lively mob scenes, the costume department took on special importance. All the leads knew well how to wear colors by which they could be easily identified. The Queen, the Queen Mother, Princess Margaret and the Princess of Wales were all in blue, but skilfully differentiated. The Queen, for example, chose delphinium, while the Princess of Wales was delightfully eccentric in polka-dotted turquoise with a wide black cinch belt. In dramatic contrast, the mother of the bride, now Mrs. Hector Barrantes, was in yellow gold, very vivid against the presiding hues of the royal ladies.

The only costume that really mattered, of course, belonged to the bride. The Duchess of York’s triumphant gown, pale ivory to set off her titian hair, had a stunning train. Indeed, the train supplied the dominant note against the Abbey’s blue carpet, although outside as she tried to get in and out of the state carriages, it threatened to be a minor hitch to forward locomotion. A very neat touch of symbolism came when the bride, who first approached her bridegroom veiled and wearing a coronet of summer flowers, emerged after the register signing sporting a neat but not gaudy diamond tiara that was lent by ”a friend of the family.”

The material used in the dress, appropriately described as ”duchess silk,” was heavily embroidered with pearls and other glittering things in the shape of bees and thistles from her coat of arms. Dominating the back of the train was a similarly embroidered large initial ”A,” just in case there was still any doubt about whose wife she now was.

This sumptuous creation was only occasionally rivalled by the costumes prepared for the eight young pages and maids. Looking like dewy Gainsborough subjects, the little girls were delectable in frilly crinolines with ruffled backs. Their miniature male consorts sported tiny replicas of sailor suits from two historic naval periods (1782 and 1868).

In all, it was a brilliant example of British showmanship and stage management. Nevertheless, this is one of those rare occasions when every loyal member of the vast audience fervently hopes the leading characters will never again appear in similar roles in future productions.

Mr. Whittaker was drama critic for The Globe and Mail from 1949 to 1975.